Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jose Carillo's English Forum now on third week

May 18, 2009

An Invitation to Join Jose Carillo’s English Forum on the Web

The Jose Carillo English Language Forum at is now on its third week and we are delighted to invite you to join us to make the discussions in the Forum even meatier, livelier, and more interesting.

We aim to make your visit to the Forum more productive and enjoyable each time, so we also offer a fresh lineup of features every week about English usage and the state of English as a global language. Take a look at the Forum’s package of features for this its third week:

THIS WEEK IN THE FORUM (May 17-23, 2009):
·Advice and Dissent: New Grammar Book Demolishes the Many Myths and Misconceptions About English (Does this bode well or ill for English as a global language?)
·Essays by Jose Carillo: Clichés and Bad Body English (How TV is such a cruel medium for student debaters)
·Notable Works by Our Very Own: “Literature as History” by F. Sionil Jose, Philippine National Artist for Literature (The saga of coming up with Rosales, his five-novel historical saga)
·Going Deeper into English: A Thousand and One Great Poems in English (All for free with just a touch of the fingertip)
·Plugging the Gaps in Our English: Lesson # 3 – The Matter of Case in English (Just in case you’ve forgotten it now)
·News From All Over: “Noob” Might Be the One-Millionth English Word (We bet some of you don’t even know what it means)

We are sure it would be truly worth your while to be part of Jose Carillo’s English Forum, so come to the Forum now and register as a regular member.

See you today at the Forum!

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